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Keep it Together Know your Data Center from Floor to Rack mount
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Data Center Worker Tool Easy-to-use Asset Management Solution
Data Center Worker’s Visio Tool Professional-looking Visio diagrams is Your Data Center Device Counterpart
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Data Center Asset Management Made Simple

Assets | Connectivity | Audit | Diagrams

Version 15

NetZoom is our classic single user software application for the Microsoft windows platform.

NetZoom is popular among hundreds of thousands of data center and network professionals who use it daily for IT asset management and who also use it as an Add-On to Microsoft Visio to create professional network designs, diagrams, rack elevations and floor layouts. NetZoom is offered as a renewable 12-month subscription service. This product fits the need of small data centers, data closets, server rooms, rack rooms, IT rooms, and departmental IT rooms where fewer professionals may be engaged in managing various aspects of networks, racks, servers, A/V, security etc.

You must purchase an individual single user license for each user.

NetZoom Pro is the advanced multi-user web version of NetZoom.

Use NetZoom Pro if you have a team of users who would like to collaboratively manage IT and data center infrastructure assets, rack elevations, floor layouts, and generate reports and Visio Diagrams. NetZoom Pro is packed with hundreds of additional features, report templates and diagramming templates for your use to help you professionally manage your assets easily. NetZoom Pro is offered as a renewable 12- month subscription available either On Premises or SaaS. This product fits the needs of small to medium sized data centers.

If you have been using our classic single user NetZoom, there exists an easy path to migrate from NetZoom to NetZoom Pro.

You can choose either of the two options at the same price.


NetZoom Pro On-Premises option - You will be installing the application on a physical Server or on a VM Server.



NetZoom Pro SaaS option – There is no installation involved. You will be provided login information for each of your users to access the application’s server infrastructure hosted in the cloud.

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Pricing As low as $950/User Starting at $700/User
Collaborative Users Team/Multi-User Single user
Application Platform Browser/Web-Application MS Windows Application
Number of Racks & Cabinets 50 per User 50
Asset Management & Rack Elevations
Configure Devices with Cards & Modules
Port Connectivity Management
Agentless Discovery of Devices
Auto-Diagram Rack Elevations in Visio
Dashboards & Advanced Reporting  
Inventory Collection & Audit  
Mobile App Available  
NetZoom Visio Stencils Available Available
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