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Explore the popular features of NetZoom and NetZoom Pro including IT asset management, facility management, network diagramming, network discovery, dashboards, connectivity, inventory collection and audit and much more.
Web Application for Popular Browsers
(Only in NetZoom Pro)
NetZoom Pro works with most browsers including: Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera.
  • Web Application for Popular Browsers

  • Site Floor Layouts

Site Floor Layouts (Only in NetZoom Pro)
Data Center Floor layouts allow users to view a top down floor view showing floor devices. Layout Previews are available for any location.
Model Data Center and Rack Elevations
User can model and visualize the data center to any level including site, location, floor, room, zone, pod, row, rack, device, card, and port as well as include all the interconnectivity between the ports.
  • Model Data Center and Rack Elevations

  • Rack Top and Zero–U Mounting

Rack Top and Zero–U Mounting
Rack Top and Zero-U device mounting allows users to mount the equipment on top as well as on the side of the racks, while fully accounting for their capacity utilization.
Search in Data Center Assets
Once your data center model is built, users will want to be able to locate individual assets quickly and easily. You can easily search devices and their location in the Data center.
  • Search in Data Center Assets

  • Configure Devices to Match Real Life

Configure Devices to Match Real Life
Use the Device Configurator to create “standard builds” for chassis and racks to maintain consistency across your site. You can assign default property values and prepopulate each chassis template using related cards and modules or load the rack templates with standard rack-mountable equipment. These configured devices may be used shared between users.
Double-Height Slots
User can solve the traditional dilemma of how to model equipment that accepts double-height and half-height cards and blades. Now, you can change the configuration of the chassis slot height from single-height into a double-height in order to fit double-height cards, thereby increasing configuration flexibility and ease of use.
  • Double-Height Slots

  • Managing Assets by Tenant or Department


Managing Assets by Tenant or Department
(Only in NetZoom Pro)
Each device may be assigned to a department or a Tenant and Data Center Explorer can now be filtered to show only devices assigned to a particular Tenant. You can easily generate Chargeback reports.
Customize Data Properties
All devices are pre-populated with manufacturer name, product number, product description, rack space, and dimensions information. You can add more data fields and populate them with custom data as needed.
  • Customize Data Properties

  • Formula Builder

Formula Builder (Only in NetZoom Pro)
Data properties Values are often not constant or simple. Many times they are dependent on other values and need to be calculated based on a variety of parameters or using a formula.
Using Formula builder, you can provide excel like formula or expressions for property values using parameters. There are hundreds of built-in formulas to provide values such as total power usage by a row of racks, total weight of a cabinet or total available port count within a cabinet OR you may use the Formula Builder to create your own custom formulas.
Import from Excel Spreadsheets and Visio Diagrams
Ability to import asset inventory from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets enable implementation of Asset management very easy. User can also import rack elevations from existing Microsoft Visio diagrams to populate devices.
  • Import from Excel Spreadsheets and Visio Diagrams

  • Device Log

Device Log (Only in NetZoom Pro)
Any move and change to the device or changes to properties, connectivity or a log is maintained for each device. User can also enter custom notes for a device.
A watermark on a device instantly identifies the device and its purpose. Users can choose from dozens of predefined watermarks or create their own by choosing a device property.
  • Watermarks

  • Watermarks


  • Connectivity


User can aggregate device power and track the port connectivity and also generate a range of port-to-port connectivity reports for reporting, installation or troubleshooting purpose.
User can generate Power connectivity trace diagram in a Microsoft Visio document.
(Connectivity Trace Diagrams are only available in NetZoom Pro)
Auto Diagram Floor Layouts and Rack Elevations in Visio
Use pre-built Microsoft Visio templates or design your own to automatically create floor layout for your Data center. You no longer have to drag-and-drop to generate data center diagrams in Microsoft Visio. Use pre-built templates, customize them or create your own to automatically generate high quality, complex data center floor layouts with drill down to rack elevations.
  • Auto Diagram Floor Layouts and Rack Elevations in Visio

  • Auto Diagram Floor Layouts and Rack Elevations in Visio

  • Custom Reports


Custom Reports
Use the Report Builder Wizard to easily create and customize reports like never before. Ad hoc reports come together in moments since the Report Builder Wizard allows you to select exactly the data you need when you need it. You can quickly customize built-in report and diagram templates or create your own in Microsoft Visio or SQL Reporting. (SQL Reporting is only available in NetZoom Pro)
Labels (Only in NetZoom Pro)
User can easily generate device and cable labels.
  • Labels

  • Labels

  • Dashboards


Dashboards (Only in NetZoom Pro)
Dashboards provide an overview of your data center sites without having to drill down inside them. Dashboards provide a valuable statistics about devices in data center that can help you make important business decisions by looking at the big picture.
Analytical dashboards are available at any level of the data center to answer the core questions such as What do we have in our data center?
Agentless Device Discovery & Monitoring
(Not Available in NetZoom Pro – SaaS Version)
Device discovery helps you to locate assets in your data center and identify their attributes such as IP, host name, CPU, memory, disk and installed software.
Once network devices have been discovered they can even be monitored for their status in real-time.
  • Agentless Device Discovery & Monitoring

  • Inventory Collection & Audit

Inventory Collection & Audit (Only in NetZoom Pro)
NetZoom Pro automated the traditionally labor intensive asset audit process by enabling you to collect data center inventory directly from your handheld device. Just scan the barcode on the label of your device to identify whether the device is “New”, has been “Moved”, is “Missing” or is “Matching” the inventory in your database. Users can also see the active Audit sessions as well as a progress bar of the devices remaining to be scanned.
Mobile App (Only in NetZoom Pro)
The NetZoom Pro Mobile App is a valuable companion to NetZoom Pro which allows you to navigate the data center on the go. The mobile App is available for free to all NetZoom Pro users and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.
  • Mobile App

  • Mobile App

  • Mobile App

  • Role-Based Authorization


Role-Based Authorization (Only in NetZoom Pro)
Roles are often used in applications to enforce safekeeping/security in a data center. The Manger has complete control over the assignment of role and access privileges that are assigned to each user to govern application usage.
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