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Why NetZoom Pro?

Start your journey to DCIM with NetZoom Pro!

Are you considering a DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) solution?
Selecting from dozens of DCIM applications on the market can be confusing and challenging for the decision maker.
Some  challenges may include cost, lack of an accurate asset inventory, insufficient manpower and a need for operational workflow changes. On top of these, DCIM technology changes faster than the time it takes to implement a DCIM.
Analysts at Gartner, 451 Research and others observe that:
  • Full implementation of a DCIM can take up to two years
  • Many clients are unsatisfied with their initial DCIM solution choice and may switch to another solution
  • At the same time analysts unequivocally suggest a phased approach to implementing a DCIM increases the success rate.
    What are the benefits of using a phased approach?
      1. Achievable ROI - You will be able to achieve a clear cost savings during the initial implementation phase by simply paying for only what you are able to use.
      2. You can ensure a successful implementation.
      3. You can launch your full DCIM when the time is right.
    Jump Start your DCIM deployment by implementing Phase I with NetZoom Pro.
    NetZoom Pro will ensure you are ready for Phase II by helping you create and manage an accurate asset inventory, device configurations, property records, port-to-port connectivity and cabling, and auto-generated Rack Elevations. A complete Audit process helps ensure the accuracy of your IT asset inventory.
    In Phase II you can easily migrate all of your information from NetZoom Pro including asset inventory, data and connectivity to our full featured DCIM to take advantage of the enterprise DCIM features including capacity management, real-time monitoring, and change management features.Let NetZoom Pro help you succeed on your DCIM journey!
    If you are ready for a full featured DCIM now, you may be interested in NetZoomDC.
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